Explosive Passion Drop Pendant

This Rock meets Chic Pendant is the ultimate "touche finale"  to your look, the contrast in textures between the polished Malachite drop and the edginess of these spikes and colors of the emeralds and black diamonds on 18karat gold create the perfect art to wear piece.


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18-Karat yellow gold “Rocking Tradition” earrings set with polished Malachite; the spikes are complimented with Emeralds and black Diamonds introducing a charming edge to any ensemble.
Made to order
18-Karat “Yves Klein”yellow gold ring, set with 50 carat faceted rose-cut Lapis Lazuli and630 carat Ruby trimming, the 3D pyramid detailing brings an edgy yet classic appeal. Inspired by the infamous Yves Klein blue; this statement ring brings bliss to your hand and perfects any outfit.
Made to order

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