Lama Hourani’s latest collections garner immense popularity at Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Jordanian jewelry designer Lama Hourani recently showcased her latest lineup of fine jewelry and sterling silver collection at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Moscow — an exhibition that debuted on October 22nd 2014 and brought Lama’s singular eclectic design style to Moscow’s ever-growing contemporary art scene.

Hourani is one of the fixtures of contemporary jewelry design in the Arab region, with a diverse portfolio that features more than 40 collections. A designer, artist and adventurist at heart, she applies her background in product design and multidisciplinary arts to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are not only commercially appealing but also conceptually meaningful at all levels.

In this latest exhibition, which featured a number of Russia’s top celebrities and fashionistas, actresses  Ekaterina Liepa ,Viktoriya Andreyanova ,Ekaterina Strizhenova ,Olga Sutulova actress,Lubov Tolkalina actress ,Alisa Tolkacheva actress,Daria Moroz actress ,Daria Mikhalkova actressTV-anchors : Margarita Mitrofanova ,Larisa Verbitskaya ,Tatiana Vedeneeva

 such as  she builds on her legacy of creating handmade infusions with uniquely varied designs that draw inspiration from a multitude of cultures. Compiled of Hourani's favorite architectural details, color palettes and components, the collections exhibited delivered an array of stunning pieces that venture into unexplored territories of artistic creation.

 “I view jewelry creation as both a personal and cultural mission,” explains Hourani. “No work of art is more intimately connected to a person than a piece of jewelry, which is why I try to instill a sense of unity and universal humanism in my designs by incorporating elements from various cultures around the globe.”

Hourani’s fine jewelry line builds on her longstanding approach of playing on contrasts in textures and colors, fusing precious gems with gold. The collection consists of four individual lines: the Winged Collection, Explosive Passion, Yves Compass and the Rock Collections. Every line features a minimalist yet intricate design palette that is filled with minute visual surprises, evoking the eye as well as the heart.

The exhibition also featured pieces from Hourani’s latest sterling silver collection, "Resurrection," in which she sought to emphasize the life-giving power of artistic creation. The varied cultural elements of Resurrection summon potent images of civilizations past, intertwining their unique characteristics to demonstrate the beauty of diversity. The subtle collages of materials used is nothing short of a tribute to the many wonders brought forth by Mother Nature — an impression that is further strengthened by the fact that all of them are sourced ethically with adamant attention to sustainability.

In 2000, Hourani launched her first jewelry collection, establishing herself as a trendsetter by making Arab heritage accessible and stylish to her peers throughout the Middle East.As an avid traveler, she increasingly folds various global influences and inspirations into each of her collections — Peruvian Inca symbols, Masai tribal colors, Arabic vernacularand prehistoric art, all blended into fine metal and gem works that communicate a plethora of impressions. Her creations have been exhibited in world-class museums of numerous cities around the globe, including New York City, Washington DC, Cincinnati, Ottawa, Hanau, Aichi and others. “Resurrection” will undoubtedly bring an unprecedented flavor to the displays of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, which has always sought to make contemporary art more reachable to the masses.

Hourani also works toward extending her contribution beyond the scope of her design work. In addition to emphasizing and empowering the Jordanian identity through her collections, she trains and employs people with disabilities and outsources to underprivileged women, organizing and supporting various initiatives to empower feminine identity within her community.




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