Today Hourani’s jewelry resonates with those who are eclectic, chic and well-travelled; her creations have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world including the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America, and can be found in world-wide jewelry stores, key department stores and online stores.
Her jewelry is currently being sold in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Italy, Shanghai and the USA.

Silver Jewelry:
Lama Hourani Silver Jewelry is handmade domestically in her workshop in Amman, Jordan. The line is committed to sustainable and localized production. All semiprecious stones are ethically sourced and handpicked from her travels around the world. The entire jewelry-making process, from assembly, sampling to full-scale production, is completed locally with her Jordan team. This line also empowers underprivileged women in Jordan through training and out-sourcing some of the production to be made by them at their homes.
Hourani derives her inspiration from her most loved moments while traveling; discovering cultures, art, architectural monuments; and engagement with people.  “Travel is the biggest trigger for the creative process, especially within Art and Architecture … Discovering different cultures and experiences, while sourcing semi-precious stones, my mind absorbs images, colors and music that I later translate into sketches.”
Her creations are known for their spontaneous appeal and eccentric sophistication, impeccable composition and beautiful asymmetries. She aims to revolutionize conventional design aesthetics into a unique hybrid blend of passion, people and history.

Fine Jewelry:
This collection is an extension of the brand’s aesthetic; Hourani’s signature style resonates within each piece inspired by her love for art, travel and architecture. Handmade in gold and platinum and fused with the finest precious gems, Hourani creates haute couture that instills one-of-a-kind precious stones into her pieces to comprise an exclusive collection of either one off pieces or a series of limited numbered editions.

 -“Yves' Compass” - inspired by the infamous Yves Klein blue, where he mixes his signature blue with touches of gold leaves. This collection features stunning faceted Lapis-set pieces in 18K yellow gold and defined with rubies. The designs are minimal yet bold, feminine and chic. 

-“The Rock Collection” - clean, pure and delicate lines collide, inspired by the multi facets of a diamond. This collection features promise rings and engagement rings with two diamonds symbolizing the love bond of two in a playful and unconventional manner, one for him and one for her.  

-“Explosive Passion Collection” - inspired by the transformation of liquid into crystals and nature's mysterious affair with liquid and solid vs. the smooth and rough. Hourani creates her own multi-dimensional formations of crystal shards using 18K gold encrusted with rubies, sapphires and diamond.  Forming intense clusters against delicate stone settings, she harmonizes the rough and the delicate and highlights the thriving force of nature and the mesmerizing spectrum of light.

-“Winged Collection” - inspired by flying. Hourani designed and produced her winged wedding earrings featuring white, brown and black diamonds intricately set in 18k gold; and launched the “Winged” collection to emphasize on transcendence and freedom. Reflecting clarity and fearless splendor in every piece, this artful collection signifies a sense of power with the generous kaleidoscopic collection of diamonds, rubies and sapphires.


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