Inspired by Women who have left their mark on societies; be it a national leader, a hard-nosed professional, a loving mother, a supportive sister, or a rock-solid friend. This collection celebrates the unity of women at a time where sexism, inequality and racism are resurgent phenomena.  

Around the world women are connected through their struggles and hard-earned achievements. These intertwined links represent a support system that’s unbreakable, they embody a connection between women from different cultures and backgrounds standing together in Solidarity.

This collection is handmade in sterling silver and 21 K yellow gold in our workshop in Amman.

    handmade sterlIng sIlver oval hoop earrIngs fInIshed wIth yellow gold platIng.
    handmade sterlIng sIlver oval hoop earrIngs fInIshed wIth oxIdatIon.
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