Contemporary Nostalgia

In this collection of one-of-a-kind creations, we see the classical seamlessly transition to the contemporary. Integrating Lama’s trademark symbols, this time unified in flocks that merge into a single form, and containing reflections of light and shadow, the intricate details merge into abstraction. Fused with deep colored semi-precious stones, the cumulative impact is one which strikes at the heart of special moments today, and in years to come.
    This handmade sterling silver tie necklace is set with an intricately stenciled drop, finished with oxidation and turquoise drop. Layer it with your existing silver tone necklaces to bring effortless opulence.
    This powerful nostallgic ring is handmade in sterling silver and set with dangling white pearls. Simple yet edgy, this piece will work with everything from smart tailoring to elegant dresses.
    This timeless limited eddition drop necklace is a LAMA HOURANI Classic; handmade in sterling silver, set with white fresh-water pearls and a large drop; finished with 18 K yellow gold plating. Perfect for evening wear, this piece is the perfect gift for your most precious.
    Handmade sterling silver knuckle ring set with two fresh-water white pearls. This ring sits across two fingers, bound to bring a statement and start converstaions.
    These elegant drop earrings are handmade in sterling silver, set with white fresh-wter pearls and finished with 18 K yellow gold plating. Sport these ultra-elegant earrings on a night out.
    Handmade sterling silver hoop earrings with rotating spheres finished with yellow gold-plating.
    ​Handmade sterling silver Choker set with white pearls and rotating sphere, finished with yellow gold-plating.
    Handmade sterling silver earrings set with rotating sphere and finished with yellow gold plating.
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