Healing Hand

The Healing hand Collection: This collection was initially created from the forms of birds… the defiant of gravity -which links between the heavens and earth, symbolizing boundless freedom, these hands are hands of power, will, strength & protection, some carry a Rose symbolizing evanescence of innocence and youth, a key Representing opportunities, mystery, initiation and curiosity and an eye reflecting omniscience, a gateway into the soul.
    This statement multi strand Kissing Doves necklace is handmade in sterling silver and set with white pearls and a single faceted ruby drop. This glamorous piece sits at the perfectly on your neckline, it works with both high and low necklines. (Front lock)
    Make a statement with this handmade sterling silver healing palm earrings, finished with 18 K yellow gold plating and set with turquoise drops and white enamel.
    Bring originality to your wrists, with this handmade streling silverhealing hand cuff, finished with 18 K yellow gold plating and blue enamel. 
    This everyday musthave, is handmade in sterling silver incorporating wood beads with mosaic healing hand and red coral. The length is perfect for layering, wear it to add a boho-luxe touch to daytime looks.
    This healing hand neck cuff is handmade in sterling silver and finished with yellow gold plating. This piece is perfectly in tune with this season's minimal mood. It fastens with an elegant pear necklace set with white fresh water pearls. Wear it day or night - it looks especially cool with your hair pulled up. 
    This stunning healing hand ring, is handmade in sterling silver and finished with 18 K yellow gold plating and white enamel; also available as a set for a more statement look.
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