Kingdom of The Universe

This collection is inspired by one of the richest and most mysterious nations in history: the Inca Empire, located in Cusco in modern day Peru. A civilization that was devoted to the sun, this collection features symbols that signify the three worlds of the Inca belief system. The power of the Underworld (inner earth) is represented by the snake, a symbol of truth, insight, fertility and rebirth. The Middle World (outer earth) is represented by the Puma, a symbol of intuition, power and patience. And the Upper World (sky) is represented by the Condor, a spiritual bird still invoked by the local people for advice and healing. They believe that the Condor brings peace and that when it flies overhead, it leaves an iridescent trace of light. Lama's passion for mythology and iconography is reflected vividly in this collection. Channeling her recent Inca experience, Lama has reinvented mystical symbols in handmade sterling silver and fused them with vibrant and colorful elements to reflect the palette of Peru's landscapes, archaeology and costumes.

    Handmade sterling silver Kingdom of the Universe earrings set with a snake, condor, and turquoise, faceted green jade and finished with yellow gold plating. Perfect for summer weddings, keep them in focus with swept-back hair to establish a glamorous look. 
    This handmade sterling silver condor ring is finished with oxidation, and available in 18 K yellow gold plating. Pair it with studded bracelets and minimalist bands for everyday statement.
    This kingdom of the Universe neck-pieceis bound to bring color and definition to your ensemble. Handmade in sterling silver and set with amethyst, turquoise and zoisite. Wear it with low-cut necklines for the ultimate effect.
    This multi-textured serpent ring is handmade in sterling silver and finished with oxidation and its available in 18 K yellow gold plating. Pair it with the condor ring for an instant statement.
    Handmade silver necklace adorned with chunky blue jade, spikes of rose quartz and blue agate, flowers of sterling silver finihshed with 18 k rose gold. Its bold size yet femininity makes it the perfect evening piece. 
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