The Ultimate Ear Cuff

This one-of-a-kind two-tone growth ear cuff is handmade in sterling silver and finished with 18 K yellow gold plating. Created with a stud and a clasp for a firm hold onto your ear. For the ultimate statement, wear it with a bikers jacket paired with our two-way braches earrings.


Pair it with

This Glacier Affair double chain necklace is set with rough amethyst and rough quartz shard both clasped with textured claws; finished with oxidation and 18 K yellow gold plating. Pair it with multiple claw rings to achieve edgy glamour.
 Handmade in sterling silver, this adjustable upper finger claw ring, is designed to sit firmly between the top two knuckles. Combine with our 18 K yellow gold plated claw rings for a playful contrast.
This bee hive-inspired cuff is handmade in sterling silver, finished with yellow gold plating and hammered to perfection. The hinged design allows easy slip on. Go for a minimal look, and allow it to stand out .

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