Glacier Affair

In this collection Lama celebrates her most recent trekking journey into one of the earth's most Majestic setting, Perito Moreno’s Glacier dating back two million years. Located in Patagonia, Argentina, its rough and magnificent scenery has inspired her to incorporate raw crystal forms & natural elements to reflect fragments of its Natural splendor. Where the endless natural formations unite together with silver and all the untold stories of all the people whose lives had been touched by this place resonates within each piece. While the scenery shifts in colors each season; Lama recreates her favorite scenes from the vast forests and sparkling waters into her rough yet intricately detailed collection to celebrate this overwhelmingly magical setting.

    These asymmetrical Glacier Affair earrings are inspired by ice formations; combining elegance with organic roughness. Handmade in sterling silver, these charmers are set with rough black agate and finished with 18 K yellow gold plating.  Bound to lend an edge to your look day or night.
    This statement two-tone shield ring is handmade in sterling silver and finished with 18 K yellow gold plating and oxidation; pair this ring with dainty knuckle rings for a dramatic effect.
    This dainty arrow knuckle ring is the perfect addition to your jewelry box, handmade in sterling silver and finished with oxidation. Pair it our bold Galcier Shield ring for a chic finish to your day and night ensemble. 
    This Glacier Affair double chain necklace is set with rough amethyst and rough quartz shard both clasped with textured claws; finished with oxidation and 18 K yellow gold plating. Pair it with multiple claw rings to achieve edgy glamour.
    Handmade sterling silver Glacier Affair spiked ring finished with oxidation and 18 K yellow gold plating. This dainty ring contrasts in tones and is great for stacking. Pair it with our two tone claw rings to achieve a statement. 
    Inspired by Nature's meticulous architecture these edgy Glacier Affair earrings combine elegance and individuality; handmade in sterling silver, and set with rough black agate. These statement makers are finished with 18 K rose gold plating.
    This  Glacier Affair chain necklace is handmade in sterling silver, set with a rough crystal shard clasped with textured claws, and finished with 18 K yellow gold plating. Layer it with your existing gold-tone necklaces for a statement appeal.
    This bold Glacier Affair knuckle ring is  handmade in sterling silver. This piece is set with fresh-water pearls and finished with 18 K rose gold plating and oxidation, symbols stenciled  signify Unity and love. Pair this stunning ring with dainty knuckle rings to highlight your unique sense of style.
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